Seamless pay

The easiest and fastest way for your government to accept payments online.
All fees are passed through to clients.  Never pay a processing fee again.

 Never Any Fees to You.

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3. Accept

Get approved for a SeamlessPay Account in under 10 minutes.
Customize how much you want to charge with a couple of clicks.
Accept payments that get deposited to you automatically.

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Collect Payment

Any of your docs that require fees can now seamlessly collect payments. Whether you’re accepting credit or bank payments, SeamlessPay offers it’s own merchant gateway that’s simple and easy to use.

NO Fees!

The best part of SeamlessPay is that you’ll never have to pay a fee again! SeamlessPay passes on all merchant fees to those submitting payments. Collect payments on any doc and save money doing it!

Smart Payments

Whether your docs require a one-time fee, calculated fee, or a donation, SeamlessPay will automatically associate the correct type of fee with your document. Simply select the type of payment you want to accept, and your SeamlessPay does the rest.

Now for Web Forms!

The same seamless payments you can collect on your docs are now available on Seamless Web Forms! Attach a request for payment to any one of your web forms and collect fees instantly!

Payments Made SEAMLESS.

PCI Compliance

SeamlessPay meets the industry's highest security standards is Certified PCI Level 1 compliance and is equipped with built in fraud protection. 


Collect payment on any doc or web form instantly have your staff spend less time cashing checks, waiting for them to clear, and entering data manually.


SeamlessPay can connect to your accounting or ERP system to give you access to real time accounting data.

Data & Reporting

SeamlessPay’s online dashboard gives you access to detailed information about payments, accounts, transfers, balance history, refunds, and more.


SeamlessPay not only can accept payment but can automatically calculate how much is owed based on how someone completes a form or document.

Going Green

SeamlessPay eliminates any dependence on paper checks for both your citizens & staff.


Never a Fee to you. Citizen pays all merchant processing fees.

Start Accepting Payment Today!

3% Merchant Fee + $0.30

Varies on Transaction Size

Reporting Capabilities

Monthly Reports

You can download a monthly summary of your account’s activity (including charges, refunds, fees, and any disputes) from your dashboard.

Balance History

You can use the balance history to export individual activity in your account, like payments, refunds, and disputes. Every transaction contributing to your transfers is listed here, making accounting over specific periods of times (like the entire month) as simple as accepting payments in the first place.

If you’re looking to export only a subset of your data (i.e., just a month of data), you can do so using the Filter option in the top left before exporting. Once you’re viewing the data you want, you can click the Export button in the top right to generate a CSV file, which can then be imported by spreadsheet programs such as Excel or Google Docs.

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Account Data

We also provide an easy-to-use online dashboard for you to review detailed information about payments, customers, transfers, subscription plans and more.

You can view information about your: payments, customers, and transfers.  Like with your balance history, you can filter this information and export it as a CSV file to be used in spreadsheet software like Excel.

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QuickBooks and Xero

You can import your Stripe payments, refunds, fees, and transfers right into QuickBooks. Learn more about using QuickBooks for your reports.If you’re using QuickBooks Online or Xero, check out Snapy, PennyPipe or Commerce Syncfor one-click reporting from your Stripe account.

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Custom Reporting

We understand that each business has its own reporting needs, so the same data isavailable through the API for custom reports.

Coming Soon: ACH Debit

Take Checks Online

In addition to taking credit cards online, SeamlessPay will be launching the ability to take checks online via ACH bank transfer.

Avoid % Fees

Unfortunately any credit card transaction requires a transaction fee but with ACH bank transfer there is only a small $ fee per transaction regardless of transaction size.

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