Seamless Map

The easiest way for you to visualize your form data on a map. Plot any form data on a map with one click.

Visualize your Data

With just one click you can connect any form data to a map.

Create a Form

Once you convert any SeamlessDoc or web form it can now be plotted onto a map. 


After you selected the data you'd like to view, Seamless Map automatically draws location data from your SeamlessDocs submissions and plots those points on a custom map.

View and Analyze

Once you visualize the data you can make data driven decisions.

Generate Important Insights.

Harness the power of Seamless Map to create effective strategies for local governance. 

Allocate resources better

Know exactly where resources in your Public Works Department, EMS, or Law Enforcement are being allocated, and use these insights to create more effective resource allocation and distribution.

Create smarter policies

Visually assess the results of newly passed policies, such as transfer requests from new redistricted schools, or sanitation requests on newly reorganized truck routes. 

Enforce policy effectively

Determine with Seamless Map whether or not a citizen application with geographic restrictions is valid. Measure the distance between a new liquor store and a school,  a new building permit and a highway, and more. 

Recognize areas for growth

View parking permit requests, registration requests, and other citizen requests visually to recognize areas for more effective governance and new policy creation.

Generate new revenues

Use Seamless Map's visual data to craft policies which will increase revenues, such as re-zoning land based upon permit requests or creating new gatherings based upon event permit request concentrations. 

Support citizens seamlessly

Visually view citizen requests for any service from assistance to single mother subsidies to recognize underserved areas of a community and generate actionable policies. 

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