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Save Time

Did you know that the average government form takes over two weeks to process with a cumulative time spent processing of over 3 hours?!  This is even worse considering that a majority of that time is spent dealing with incorrect information or trying to track down information.

Over $9 BILLION (yep, with a B) hours are spent on processing government forms every year!  Stop the madness.  SeamlessDocs can GUARANTEE that by using our software you will be able to exponentially save time by accepting forms online.

Save Paper

Did you know that it costs on average $120 for a misfiled document or $75 for a form that is rejected due to handwriting or missing fields?  How about that it costs over $25,000 in time and paper to fill a filing cabinet and over $2,000 each year maintaining that filing cabinet.

SeamlessDocs makes it easy to prevent your citizens from EVER having to print out a form again.  And better yet, through our advanced form process automation chances are you will never need to print again.

Check out some of our success stories below.

Save Postage

According to the GSA, the US Federal Government spends OVER $1 BILLION in mailing and postage expenses EVERY year.  That is a whole lot of stamps!  With modern technology this is no longer required.  Almost every business and citizen would prefer an email rather than “snail mail” correspondence.

SeamlessDocs by default will send email and digital receipts and correspondence for all forms processed.  We will work with your existing systems to help cut down paper and postage waste.

Find out about how we are saving governments hundreds of thousands by avoiding the need for mail for most of their processes.

Save Trees

One of the biggest culprits of cutting down trees to satisfy their paper habits is the US Government.  Not only does the process of paper digitization have incredible cost savings, but it also will save a whole LOT of trees in the process.

The best part is while you will never have to print again, you can still keep your existing forms.  SeamlessDocs technology will simply convert the existing form into an online version so it can be processed seamlessly online without ever needing to hurt a tree in the process.

Save Money

Whether you are calculating the savings of hours, paper, postage or the environment; SeamlessDocs adds up to REAL money savings.  The average form takes 3 hours at an average government wage of $40 so whether you want to automate one form or many, chances are we can save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

The best part is that we make it easy to get started.  In days, rather than months we can convert all your forms into online, smart versions that equate to instant financial savings.

We are already working with governments all over the country to create substantial savings.  Contact us today to get you started!

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