public records portal

Seamlessly collect AND manage all your public record (FOIA, OPRA, GRAMA) requests.
Allow citizens to easily search prior requests and submit new ones from a beautiful online site.

1. Set Up Form

Take your existing form and convert it into a SeamlessDoc that can easily be completed from any device.  We even have form templates that can be set up in seconds.

2. Create Site

We set you up with a BEAUTIFUL website matching your look and feel. Citizens will be able to easily search all prior records, post comments, and submit new requests.

3. Manage

Our easy to use backend system allows you to easily assign a user, tag with a status and most importantly respond to the inquiry with a message and attachments.

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Use Your Existing Forms

Many states still require a signed PDF version of the public record request. No worries! SeamlessDocs can convert your existing PDF form into a smart online version. We can even set it up so that they can answer a quick questionnaire that auto populates your PDF.

Track and Manage Responses

Works on Any Device

Not only can any form be submitted online but it will work on any device. Your citizens will be amazed how beautiful and seamless of an experience the process can be.

Getting Set up is Easy

Our guaranteed Success Team will work with you to make our easy steps even more Seamless.

Convert form to a SeamlessDoc

We set up Open Records Portal

Easily Track Status

Respond to Requests

Upload Attachments

Allow Public Comments

Manage Status


SeamlessDocs can customize the look and feel of your Seamless Form Center to align with the look and feel of any existing web site.

Save Paper

No more opening letters and wasting postage. SeamlessDocs enables you to have quicker turn around times and incredible savings.

Filled Out Right

SeamlessDocs not only brings the form experience online but we make sure that it is filled out properly every time with hint bubbles & validations.

Get Started

Inquire About Getting a Public Records Portal created for your government!

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