Seamless Permits

The easiest way to seamlessly manage permit application, processing, and creation.
SeamlessPermits provides a beautiful interface that works seamlessly with our doc management platform.

1. Convert Your Applications

2. Create New Permits

3. Send Permits out to Citizens 

Take any existing PDF permit form and convert it into a Seamless one in seconds, or simply create one in our form builder.
Easily take in citizen information and transform it into a customized Seamless Permit.
Expedite the approval process for permits, and seamlessly send them out to citizens.

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Manage the Entire Permit Process

Manage the entire permits process through the Seamless Permits Form Center, where you can send out and intake permit applications, create new permits, and track ongoing applications and renewals.

Customize Processing and Workflow

SeamlessPermits allows you to customize your own workflows to reflect your unique permitting processes, making integration into your current permit operations seamless.

Automatically Manage Renewals

Easy for Citizens to Use

Citizens can submit their permit applications to you online in seconds from any device. 

Step 1: Citizens visit your website

To access your permit applications, a citizen just needs to visit your webpage. No visit to the city or county required.

Step 2: Citizens select the permit application

The citizen can browse through your listed permits, and select the permit application they would like to fill out.

Step 3: Citizens fill out form

The citizen fills out their information in the required fields, and the permit application page will let the citizen know when their responses are input correctly. 

Step 4: Citizens attaches documents and payment information

The citizen then uploads required attachments and inputs payment information to pay directly through the application.

Step 5: Citizens submit

After the citizen meets the requirements for the permit application, they click submit, and the completed application is sent to your Form Center.

Permits Made SEAMLESS


Use our custom fields to create permits and applications unique to each of your departments, and organize them seamlessly in our Form Center.

Email Notifications

Set renewal notifications to automatically email citizens, making applications easier for citizens to complete and easier for you to manage.

Connect with Citizens

Simplify citizen correspondence by communicating directly through the Forms Center with anyone who has submitted a permit application.

Sharable Permits

Seamlessly post permits to your website and share them between departments to eliminate lengthy print and scan processes.

Sign Electronically

Approve permits through electronic signature to reduce  wait times for citizens and permit approval backlog in the office.

Collect Payment

Make sure your staff doesn’t need to wait for checks to clear and collect payment on any permit application INSTANTLY.

A Solution for every Permit

Converting your existing Permits into Seamless Permits takes minutes!

Inquire About Adding a Seamless Form Center to Your Website

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