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About Dan

Daniel M. "Dan" Tangherlini is the proud President and Founder of SeamlessDocs Federal. He is a big believer in SeamlessDocs mission of making Government Beautiful and joined the team committed to helping propel the vision!

Dan is a former Administrator of the United States General Services Administration. Unanimously approved to the post by the United States Senate he had served as Acting Administrator since his appointment by President Barack Obama.

He earlier served as an executive in the U.S. Department of the Treasury, as City Administrator of Washington, D.C., and as interim General Manager for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Career & Experience

The Honorable Daniel M. "Dan" Tangherlini is a former Administrator of the United States General Services Administration. Unanimously approved to the post by the United States Senate on June 27, 2013, he had served as Acting Administrator since his appointment by President Barack Obama on April 2, 2012. 

He also served as the Senate-confirmed Assistant Secretary of Management and Chief Financial Officer of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, as City Administrator of Washington, D.C., Interim General Manager for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and the first Director of the DC Department of Transportation.

Tangherlini began his career as a Presidential Management Intern at the Office of Management and Budget in 1991. He progressed through several positions during his time at OMB, and then transferred to the United States Department of Transportation in 1997. At USDOT he worked in the Secretary of Transportation's policy office focusing on the development of new approaches to infrastructure finance. 

In November 1998 Tangherlini was provided as loaned executive to the District of Columbia government, where he served as acting Chief Financial Officer for the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). The position became permanent, and he remained in the role until May 2000. He was then tapped by Mayor Anthony Williams to reorganize the city's transportation functions and launch the District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT). He was subsequently nominated and confirmed by the City Council to lead DDOT as its first Director, a role he served in until February 2006.

Tangherlini next served as the interim General Manager of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro), which operates the Metrorail and Metrobus systems in the Washington, D.C., area. He withdrew from consideration as Metro's permanent General Manager in November 2006 after accepting the position of City Administrator in the cabinet of Adrian Fenty, then Democratic nominee for Mayor. As City Administrator, he acted the Chief Operating Officer for the city and its more than 35,000 employees, as well as serving as Vice Chairman of the Board for the regional DC Water and Sewer Authority.

After being unanimously confirmed by the US Senate on July 24, 2009, he served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Management, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Performance Officer at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. While there he oversaw the operations of the Departmental headquarters operation as well as the finances and administrative services of the Department and its ten bureaus. He provided key managerial support for implementing the several new programs and agencies mandated by the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform legislation.

Tangherlini was named Acting Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration on April 2, 2012, after the abrupt resignation of former Administrator Martha Johnson following the White House's discovery of the findings of an Inspector General's investigation into the misuse of taxpayer funds for an October 2010 employee conference in Las Vegas.

On May 22, 2013, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Tangherlini as Administrator of the General Services Administration saying, “As Acting [Administrator], Dan helped restore the trust of the American people in the General Services Administration by making the agency more efficient, accountable and transparent. I want to thank Dan for his leadership over the past year and for agreeing to continue serving in the Administration."

In February 2015, Tangherlini announced plans to step down from his role at the GSA to join a Maryland-based, women-owned real estate private equity firm, Artemis Real Estate Partners. Deputy Administrator Denise Turner Roth took on the role of Acting Administrator and was later nominated by President Obama and confirmed by the Senate.

Tangherlini left Artemis in April of 2016 to assume the role of President, Seamless Docs Federal and General Manager of Seamless Docs. His work with Seamless Docs is focused on helping CEO, Jonathon Ende, and the firm's leadership grow both its customer base and its internal capacity to meet the demands of customer growth. Tangherlini advises a number of other technology firms and serves on non-profit boards.

Questions & Answers

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    Seamless Docs is the best tool I have seen - in more than twenty years of focus on the systems that support government processes - to streamline, beautify and increase the efficiency of the interaction between the government and the people it serves. In all my roles, I found that government could be successful if it places the customer or service beneficiary first. Too often, automation focuses on the process and not the outcome or the user. Seamless Docs starts with the user interface and then "seamlessly" connects that user to the process and the outcome. Fast. Efficient.Beautiful.

  • What is your favorite feature?

    It makes a government process feel like any one of the best commercial experiences you have come to rely on for booking a trip, buying household goods, or making a restaurant reservation. It allows you to work on any device, make payments and save your work to finish later. And that's just the experience on the customer side. On the "business" side of the tool, data is arranged clearly, easily tracked and managed. You can create workflows and send updates back to the customer. And it is so intuitive and straightforward anyone who has used Facebook can learn how to use Seamless Docs.

  • Would you have bought Seamless Docs when you were running an agency?

    I couldn't find Seamless Docs or anything like it when I was running an agency. And I looked and looked and looked. Too often what was available was a giant, risky and expensive ERP solution. Seamless Docs fits on top of your existing process, leveraging your existing systems and using your existing forms. It buys you time to do the deep dive system replacement and restructuring - or allows you to avoid that expense all together.

  • What was the most memorable experience in your public service career?

    Briefing the President in the Oval Office or the Cabinet in the Cabinet Room are singular experiences. Visiting Fort Knox or the Mint in West Point or the Bureau of Engraving and Printing plant in Fort Worth are experiences that will be hard to forget - or top. Driving a snow plow late at night in Georgetown was incredible - and drove home how much we take the work of those civil servants for granted. 

    I guess there are too many to pick from because I had the chance to serve the public in some incredibly memorable ways. Overall, though, my key memory of the collective experience is that I saw thousands of committed, dedicated, hard-working public servants who came to work every day with a desire to make their communities and their country better. They worked hard with little praise or recognition, and too often with old technology and unreformed processes. I admire their service and will always remember what an honor it was to serve with them.

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    Dan's unique experience helping direct not just the largest balance sheet and buying power in the world but also one of the larger organizations in the world give him a unique perspective. If you would like to invite Dan to speak on a panel, conference or invite please reach out to our press liaison by completing the form below. If you would like to request Dan's feedback on an article or news piece please complete the form below and state reason in comments.

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