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National Day of
Civic Hacking 2016

When: Saturday, June 4th 2016 at
10am until _______
Where: SeamlessDocs HQ
30 Vandam Street, 2nd Floor
NYC 10013

National Day of Civic Hacking Challenges

San Juan, Texas

Use Case: PDF Replacement
The City of San Juan, Texas prides itself on its innovative technology and website EXCEPT it still was stuck with a forms section of its site that required the download of dumb, PDFs that required a printer, lots of ink and a fax machine to process.  In just a couple of days SeamlessDocs enabled San Juan to replace ALL their PDF forms with smart online versions that could easily be submitted from any device.  We even allowed them to set required fields and rules to make sure they got it submitted the right way, EVERY time.

Official Public Records Requests (OPRA)

Freedom of Information Act or OPRA Requests
Systems to receive and process public records requests are required by law but it doesn’t mean they are easy to do.  Luckily, SeamlessDocs has a solution to make it easy for anyone to easily submit a request online.  This means you get more complete record requests and even better a system to easily track and process the requests.

You can even still keep your existing PDF request form, we can either set you up with an online version or set up a wizard so the citizen can simply answer a series of questions and then it will auto populate your form and route it to the proper department.

Find our more how we can help you bring your systems online and even show you a couple of examples being used today!

Challenge: Applying to Food Stamps
Help us make it easier for residents to get the help they need to buy food.

Challenge: Applying for Affordable Housing
Affordable housing is important, but not easy to apply for - let's see how we can improve the process.

Challenge: Applying for your Criminal Record
People have a right to their criminal record, but it's not always easy to get. Let's fix this.

Challenge: Applying for Victim Compensation
The last thing people need after being a victim of a crime is a big complex process to get the help they need. Let's make this easier.

Challenge: Applying for a Business License
Starting a business means new jobs and better neighborhoods. Let's see how hard it is to do that and improve it.

Challenge: Data Visualization for Obama Administration's Promise Zones
Use data visualization to help tell the story of Promise Zones

Challenge: #DataAtWork Workforce Data Initiative
Lets put data to Work to change work.

Challenge: Combating Zika and Future Threats
Lets figure out how we can use tech to help prevent Zika and be prepared for Future Threats.

Challenge: Open Foreign Assistance
How can data on foreign assistance be combined with other datasets to tell the story of US investment and diplomacy overseas?

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