citizen portal

The most Seamless way to correspond and communicate status with your citizens.Allow citizens to Save & Continue forms and even log in to check the status of a request.

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Save & Continue

Not only can SeamlessDocs make it easy to complete your forms online, we can even give the ability for the User to Save their work and come back later. 

Check Status

In addition, to the ability to Save & Continue incomplete forms, the Citizen Portal gives users the ability to log in to check the status of their forms and documents.

Manage Forms

Interacting with Government
can be Beautiful!

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One more way we are creating the Future of Government Forms.

Status Management

Easily tag submissions with status and even communicate directly through the portal using email with tracking & logging.

User Management

Citizens can easily create their own username and password in seconds. They will only have access to their forms while admins have access to all forms.


The Citizen Portal is not just a great place to enhance citizens experiences but also a great place to organize forms across departments.

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