Seamless Business registration

The easiest way to seamlessly manage business license applications, processing, and creation. Manage the entire process from partnership agreements to registration approvals.

1. Convert Your Applications

2. Create New Business Licenses

3. Send Licenses out to Citizens 

Take your existing business registration application and convert it to a SeamlessDoc in seconds, or simply create one in our form builder.
Allow business owners to submit their registration through a SeamlessDoc on your website, and easily transform that information into a Seamless Business Registration.
Expedite the approval process for business owners so they can start work faster, and seamlessly send licenses out to citizens.

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Manage the Entire Business Registration Process

Manage the entire business application process through the Form Center. Track wholesale and retail applications, new business per zip code, and much more.

Customize Business Registration Workflows

Customize your own workflows to reflect your unique registration processes. Separate workflows by business entity type, pending partnership agreements, and any other type of information that you would like to independently track.

Accept Payment on All Business Registration Applications

Whether your citizen is opening up a beauty salon or a sports bar, let them pay their fees through your registration application INSTANTLY.

Easy for Citizens to Use

Citizens can submit their business registration to you online in seconds from any device. 

Step 1: Citizens visit your website

To access your business registration application, a citizen just needs to visit your webpage. No visit to your Finance Department.

Step 2: Citizens select the business registration application

The citizen can browse through your listed business registration applications, and select the application they would like to fill out.

Step 3: Citizens fill out form

The citizen fills out their information in the required fields, and the registration application page will let the citizen know when their responses are input correctly. 

Step 4: Citizens attaches documents and payment information

The citizen then uploads required attachments and inputs payment information to pay directly through the application.

Step 5: Citizens submit

After the citizen meets the requirements for the business registration application, they click submit, and the completed application is sent to your Form Center.

Business Registration Made SEAMLESS

Customized Registrations

Create business licenses and applications for each of your unique registration options. Customize fields like business class, tax category, variable fees, and much more.

Electronic Signature

Allow administrators and department heads to sign off on new ventures with electronic signatures, reducing backlog and approving new businesses more efficiently.

Shareable Applications

Share completed business applications with agencies giving second approval without ever printing a piece of paper.

Get Set up in Days!

Converting your existing licenses into SeamlessDocs takes minutes!

Inquire about Seamless Business Registration.

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