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The most Seamless way to

a Paperless Government

We specialize in working with governments to convert all their PDFs and forms into fillable, smart & secure online versions that can be completed and eSigned from any device.  You have form problems, we have solutions.

Proud to welcome former Administrator of GSA to the SeamlessDocs Team

Dan tangherlini

Previously the head of the GSA and City Administrator of Washington D.C, Dan Tangherlini is now the proud President and Founder of SeamlessDocs Federal. As a big believer in SeamlessDocs mission of making Government Beautiful we are excited for him to join the team and help bring SeamlessDocs to the Federal Government.

Our company has a fundamental belief that...


We believe that interacting with your government can be a beautiful experience. Our platform digitizes and automates your existing forms and processes.  Five years from now a citizen will never have to download, decipher, complete and fax in a government form again.  



Lee County, NC got up and running with SeamlessGov in less than 24 hours, converting 20+ PDFs into cloud-based versions with eSignatures, attachments and payments. With a simple builder, over 40 field elements, and much more, it's easier than ever to take your form processes online.

Over 25 Million Citizens in HUNDREDS of Cities in 48 States trust SeamlessDocs to fill out forms and interact with their government.

Bring City Hall Online

Imagine a government where forms are a pleasure.

Get Forms Filled Out Right Every Time

Not only do we allow you to seamlessly bring your forms online, but our drag and drop platform lets you set rules and validations to make sure it is completed right.

Automate Workflow and Processes

Our tools allow you to easily automate processes once the forms are submitted. With a couple of clicks you can incorporate requesting attachments, payments, approval flow and more.

Make Your Government Mobile

The times of the pen and clipboard are over. SeamlessDocs enables all your forms to be filled out from any device.  Finally replace those reams of paper forms with an iPad!

Real Benefits. Real ROI.

SeamlessDocs will automate all repetitive processes and sync with your existing systems.


Allocate tax payers money to something more important than wasteful paper. Increase revenue to better your organization.


A 24/7 City Hall. An enjoyable & easy experience for anyone completing your forms. Less work, more productivity.


Live tracking, analytics and insight for all your forms. Empower the data you currently are neglecting. The result is smart open data.


By default all of your forms will comply with all appropriate security requirements.  We understand your security needs and ensure that they are met.


All your forms and docs can be completed from any mobile or tablet device seamlessly.  They can even eSign using their finger.


Seamless automation.  Eliminate data entry. Increase data integrity. Enable faster communication. Never download, print, fax, scan, or send mail again.

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Getting Set Up is Easy

Finally a solution that allows you to keep your existing forms, but makes them easy to fill out from any device.


Our proprietary technology automatically detects all fields. Once detected it is easy to set up required fields, validation and workflow. 


It is as easy as replacing your old links to download a PDF with a link to your SeamlessDoc.


Every SeamlessDoc is exchanged over SSL and is encrypted to the highest government standards. You will be Seamless in no time.

Features Customized for Government

At SeamlessDocs our commitment to government means you finally will have a platform that understands your needs.


Never deal with handwriting again. Every SeamlessDoc is filled out neatly and even comes complete with a database of info.

Give Hints

Easily add hint bubbles to any field to make sure that the docs are filled out right the first time while guiding the citizen through the process.


We automatically build a secure database of the info collected on every form.  We can sync this with any existing CRM or database.


No more forms or docs fields out with missing fields and incorrect format.  We can easily set up validation to make sure it is filled out perfect!


All your forms and docs can be completed from any mobile or tablet device seamlessly.  They can even eSign using their finger.


SeamlessDocs can sync with any existing database or storage system. With just a couple of clicks we can sync with most databases and cloud storage or inquire about a custom sync.

Manage Attachments

Stop trying to piece together applications with their supplementary documents.  With SeamlessDocs an attachment can be uploaded directly onto any PDF or form; they can even use their camera phone to take a picture.  Then you can set up workflow to be able to review the attachments by subsequent signers.


SeamlessDocs can allow you to accept payment directly on top of your SeamlessDoc or wizard.  With just a couple of clicks you can sync with, Braintree or Municipay. Or let us know if you use another third party merchant and we will have you set up in no time.

The SeamlessDocs Difference

We have worked with hundreds of governments to help them go paperless.

Slow, Insecure, Inefficient

Your current PDFs cannot be submitted online.  You do not get access into tracking or analytics.  You also cannot help give tips and make sure they are submitted right the first time.  Not too mention costly and time consuming to process.

Real Time, Secure, Efficient

SeamlessDocs are secure and online versions!  They can be submitted online from any device and even include complex validation and hints.  They automatically build a database of the info collected which means no more data entry, deciphering handwriting or incomplete forms!

Our Words

September 10

I Didn’t Always Code for America

I didn’t always code for America. In fact, I am not sure I even knew it was an option. Like many start ups, I started SeamlessDocs by accident. I had a 65 person outsource paralegal processing center and was infuriated dealing with the inefficiencies of paper.

In SeamlessDocs We Trust

SeamlessDocs is trusted by some of the biggest governments in the world to bring their forms online; but don’t take our word for it, take theirs. Here are a few Press Acknowledgements and Client Testimonials.

"It is very user friendly and has many features and enhancements for making is easy to design a form.”

Admin Coordinator
Mount Dora, FL

“Once I got the hang of it the forms were easy to create and the feedback has been great...”

Executive Assistant
Harvard, MA

“Our citizens appreciate the city being up to date in our use of technology and the ease of submitting forms online. I know I do.”

Deputy Recorder
Farmington, UT

”I love the ease of receiving completed applications online. Seamless Docs is a thorough company. They are always in contact with us to make sure everything is going well and will help with anything we need. I am glad we partnered with them.”

Somerset, NY

"In addition to tangible savings, we have also furthered our environmental initiatives by printing less."

Digital Communications Coordinator
Aurora, IL



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    Ex GSA chief Dan Tangherlini tapped by tech startup to lead D.C. operations

    Publication: Washington Business Journal

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    SeamlessDocs Announced as Winner of Amazon Web Services City on a Cloud Challenge

    Location: AWS Re:INVENT Annual Summit

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    SeamlessDocs honored with inaugural Code for America Technology Award

    Location: Code for America Government Innovation Summit

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    SeamlessDocs CEO Speaks on 1776 Panel with Chief Innovation Officers of Boston and Montgomery County

    Location: Shakepeare Theatre, Washington DC

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    CEO, Jonathon Ende selected as 2015 NextCity Vanguard, awarded for his contributions to gov innovation.

    Location: Reno, Nevada
    Publication: NextCity

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    SeamlessDocs selected by as Top 5 Civic Startup


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    SeamlessDocs Appointed NYC Venture Fellowship by NYEDC and 92ST Y

    Awarded by: 92 Street Y and NYC EDC

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    Prince William and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Present SeamlessDocs CEO with GREAT Award

    Venue: Empire State Building
    Location: New York City

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  • SeamlessDocs wins prestigious GREAT Tech Awards hosted by the United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

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